Nordic walking

Nordic walking Jahorina


Imagine having a walk at 1900m trough the valleys of Jahorina, and having a refreshment on the top of the mountain with homemade juices and majestic views!
Taste spring water, cleanse your body and get energy from fresh mountain air!

25 euros per person (includes walking poles, refreshment at the top & lunch at mountain house Rajska Vrata).

Tour starts in front of the mountain house Rajska Vrata, from there walk will lead us to „Love„ point of view where we take photos. After short break we continue to the valleys of Jahorina, where you can experience total silence and relaxation, going all the way to the North ridge. Before reaching the top, we stop for refreshment at spring on 1900m, with water clear as mountain air and cold as winter. At the top it is time for relaxing with fresh raspberry juice or mountain tea made from healthy herbs.
After break we go towards artificial lake and start our descend towards mountain house Rajska Vrata, with a great view in front of us.

Tour time 3 to 4h

Nordic walking is a total-body version of walking that can be enjoyed both by non-athletes as a health-promoting physical activity, and by athletes as a sport, it is easy on the joints and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is also known that Nordic walking will burn more calories, so if you are looking for the way to stay fit or lose few kilograms, this is a perfect way!

Possibility for overnight stay with surcharge.

Discount for organized groups!

Ski School “Snow Art Jahorina”