Team building

Team building


Talent wins at games, but team work and intelligence are winning the championship!”  Michael Jordan

To function better, more productive and more harmonious in demanding world of business, allow yourself and your employees to improve and advance their skills which will help you to overcome barriers in business.

Our team building program and its foundation are based on active holiday in nature, sports, adventuristic, but first of all fun activities which are shaped in way to make work teams stronger.

Activities can last from few hours to few days, depending on size, structure of the group, as well as goal which wanted to be achieved with program. Aside from team building activities we offer possibility of transport, accommodation, meals and organized live music. If you want to bring your memories, we can organize professional photograph. Send us a request and will make best program for your group.

Among various outdoor team building activities are paintball, Nordic walking, rafting, quadbikes, paragliding. Team Building is taking place through programs which are based on competition in sports: volleyball, football, tennis… We devise special fun programs based on discovering and managing the unknown, new environment, everything with goal for developing consciousness of belonging and loyalty to group, as precondition to trustiness and safety, for success of the team and individual.

Positive effects of performing team building activities at mountain fresh air lead to better psychophysical abilities as well they allow us discharging of negative energy and stress, boosting immune system, strengthening resistance of our body in times when we need it most.